Do Not Let Wearing Metal Braces Singapore Stop You From Enjoying Your Life

Do Not Let Wearing Metal Braces Singapore Stop You From Enjoying Your Life

Metal Braces Singapore can be silver or gold coloured. Metal brackets are very strong and can withstand most types of daily interaction. Once your metal brace is attached in your teeth, you will want to watch what you eat. This is part of the lifestyle change that will last for about 2 years. Stay away from most tough meats, hard vegetables and fruits or anything else which is hard as the food might dislodge the metal braces.

The reasons for metal braces Singapore and orthodontic treatment vary from patient to patient. No one will deny the importance of a winning smile. It makes a pleasing appearance, promotes self-esteem, and is valuable to social and career success. Creating a beautiful smile is what orthodontics is all about. Metal braces Singapore allows crooked teeth to be straightened to facilitate easier cleaning and to achieve better dental health.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about braces.

FAQ About Metal Braces

How much will braces cost?

A. Orthodontic treatment fee varies, depending on the severity of the problem, complexity and length of the treatment. It also depends on the types of braces used.

Why undergo braces treatment?

A. 1) Aesthetic – a beautiful smile will definitely score more points. Braces allows crooked teeth to be straightened to achieve a beautiful smile, and also a healthy bite, achieving harmony between the teeth and the face.

Metal Braces Singapore improve the confidence

2) Health – poor bite and mal-alignment of the teeth can result in early loss of teeth, gum problems, excessive tooth wear and joint problems etc. Well aligned teeth are also easier to clean and maintain, thus reducing the incident of tooth decay and gum problems in the long run.

3) Confidence – straight teeth allow for a beautiful smile that greatly improves one’s confidence and self esteem. Children with poorly aligned and unsightly teeth tend to be teased in school. Left untreated, this can lead to psychological, social and developmental problems. It is very common to meet people who are reluctant to smile because they think that their teeth are not nice and straight.

Wearing Metal Braces Singapore will feel discomfort for a few days

4) Maintenance – a beautiful smile with straight teeth will better motivate one to take care of them.

Do I need braces?

A. If you are uncomfortable with your smile/teeth, but you don’t know what can be done to correct it, consult an Orthodontist. He will be able to explain the pros and cons of wearing braces and whether is there a need to wear braces.

Is wearing braces painful?

A. Most patients wearing conventional braces will experience discomfort for a few days, usually when the braces are first put on, or after tightening. Most patients get used to their braces very fast and find the discomfort bearable. If you are very sensitive, newer types of braces can further reduce the amount of discomfort.

Taking care

Flossing can be difficult with traditional metal braces Singapore. Getting around the wires is tough. You may want to consider a waterpik. This is a jet-water tool that can be a good alternative to flossing and it will help remove lodged food and keep your braces clean

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