Children Dental Visit

Your child’s first visit to a dental clinic should be a pleasant experience. Otherwise the scar of the first impression will last a lifetime. The right time to bring a child for a dental visit is before all the milk teeth have erupted – before the child has completed two years of age.

There are several reasons for early dental visit:

  • Bringing a child when there is no pain or emergency will make the visit a pleasant experience.
  • Parents may not recognize a dental problem in the early stages.
  • Dental examination can prevent problems like tooth decay from occurring.
  • Advice on nutrition and home care can be provided.

Fear of the dental clinic is not inborn. It is learnt either from personal experience or what a child hears from others. Be completely natural when you inform your child about the dental visit. Make it sound like a routine procedure and allow your child to get familiar with the dental clinic. Most importantly, parents should not show any anxiety or fear themselves. Children pick up non-verbal cues very quickly and tend to mirror the emotions of their parents.