Why The Elderly Should Choose Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

Why The Elderly Should Choose Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

How old is too old for dental implants?

People are living longer and healthier lives and it is not uncommon for people to reach an even older ages.Many however,lose their teeth over time due to decay or gum disease and end up with partial or full dentures. The dentures become loose, gum tissue becomes sore, and eating becomes very difficult. The elderly love to stay social, eat good, and share great times with family and friends without the embarrassment and difficulties that come with denture use. The quality of life is especially important at this stage. Therefore no age is too old for dental implants.

Dental implants dramatically improve life quality for many older individuals by letting them eat better, get better nutrition, stay more social, and lead active and vital lifestyles.

Dental implants vs.conventional dentures?

Dentists should recommend dental implants instead of conventional dentures to every patient. Dental implants are now the standard of care for replacement of missing teeth. Conventional dentures cause irreversible damage to the jaw bone and significantly compromise patient’s chewing functions and therefore should be avoided.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants allow patients to eat any food they want comfortably and get the necessary nutrition. Implants effectively support the overlying teeth and prevent them from movement and accidental dislodging. Additionally, dental implants preserve the jaw bone and prevent bone loss that occurs from conventional dentures.

Dental Implant is a significant investment to your health. A well-placed and cared for implant can last for the rest of your life,

The advantages of dental implants

The advantages of dental implants

Dental implants alleviate many of the disadvantages of dentures. The main advantages are:

1)The tiny titanium screws acts like a tooth root making the crown more stable

2)They are much more comparable to real teeth in their appearance

3)Some people can be allergic to the materials that are used to create dentures whereas implants are completely bio-acceptable

4)Speech can be generally better with dental implants are there is no slipping

5)There are no sore points with dental implants as they do not move

6)Your ability to chew is completely restored

7)Secure bond means no slipping or moving around

8)Low maintenance

9)Long-lasting often permanent solution

10)Look and function like natural teeth

11)Preserve the bone

12)Help to prevent gum and bone deterioration, jawbone recession and facial collapse

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