Wisdom Teeth Removal Singapore

Wisdom Teeth Removal Singapore

Have you had your wisdom teeth extraction? Do you know why you should go for a wisdom teeth extraction and what are the benefits and pros and cons of a wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth are third molars which are the last teeth to erupt in our mouth. In the mouth, there are four wisdom teeth, two in the upper arch and the other two in the lower arch. Sometimes they don’t have any room to grow and thus grow in various angle, partially emerge in the jaw or completely hidden. Generally, dental surgeons encourage wisdom teeth extraction as the teeth itself is not a functional teeth. When it is not removed, there is a high chance of pericoronitis (bacterial infection) or it is expected to grow crooked and damage the other teeth.

If you are scared of the pain, do not worry as you will be numb to it. For wisdom teeth extraction, dental surgery is required. Before the actual wisdom teeth extraction, local anesthetic is needed to numb the area where the teeth will be removed. It prevents pain in the body and causes you to undergo the wisdom teeth removal without any pain through the surgery. The recovery period after the surgery takes a few days. After your teeth is removed, there might be a need for stitches. Some may dissolve by itself while other needs to be removed after a few days. Take painkillers as prescribed by your dentist or dental surgeon to numb the pain.

It is recommended to take your wisdom teeth out in your early twenties as the roots are not fully developed and the jaw bone is not as dense so is easier to remove and recover. Unless wisdom teeth are healthy, grown in completely, positioned correctly and is able to be cleaned then, wisdom teeth extraction is not needed. If you need a trustworthy dentist, visit Tiong Bahru Dental Surgery located at Thiong Bahru Plaza. We provide a reliable & economical wisdom teeth extraction!

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