Ceramic Braces

What is Ceramic Braces And What Is The Difference Between Ceramic And Metal Braces? Ceramic Braces, as the name suggests, is a type of dental braces used to straighten and align your teeth. Ceramic braces, unlike metal braces, are actually made of composite materials, which are very strong. These ceramic braces do not stain and thus, from afar, it looks like the patient is not wearing any forms of dental braces.

In terms of popularity, adult patients tend to prefer ceramic braces over metal braces because of the aesthetic value of this form of orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces blend in very well with the color of the original teeth and they are very much less noticeable than metal braces.

Some patients have also queried on the ‘toughness’ of the ceramic braces. Contrary to what most think, ceramic braces do not break easily and they are not easy to dislodge from your teeth. They are in fact very strong and sturdy and they stay on as well as metal braces.

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